Application Information

Thank you for your interest in applying to intern with the DME Team. 

Students can apply to up to 3 projects from all VSFS Program offerings. The best time to study the available internships and create the required profile and a targeted resume at is now! Application season is open from July 1 to July 31, with acceptance emails arriving during August.

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Next Steps:

  • Watch the Video Below Which Describes How to Apply to Our Programs:
  • Scroll Down after Video for a List of Internship Openings and VSFS Job Codes.  
  • Select Up to Three VSFS Job Codes, then Apply at the Official VSFS Vacancy on USAJOBS.

Why DME and Not Another Internship?

Why DME and Not Another Internship?

  • Joining the Digital Media Engagement Team means that you will participate in one of the largest virtual internships performing work that supports our Veterans in an official government internship.  Talk about a resume builder!
  • In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to network with individuals who work at the VA and other interns from around the world.
  • The ability to work in virtual teams is an exceptional skill to have as the job market increasingly allows virtual and remote work environments. Show you can handle it!
  • You will be exposed to some of the most important technology in the workplace today: Slack, Trello, and Salesforce among others.
  • Interns have the ability to fulfill their obligations on their own schedule.
  • We welcome interns who want to apply the textbook knowledge they’re learning in their programs to see how it operates in the real world.  Get the experience you’re craving!
  • We have many departments at DME from Human Resources to Web Development to Social Media Analytics.  That means with a little enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and self-teach you will have the opportunity to cross-train in new skills.
  • We are always dreaming up newer, bigger projects to stretch your abilities and flesh out your resume.
  • Working with DME means that regardless of your function, you will help honor and support Veterans who have dedicated a portion of their lives to our country.
Internship Eligibility and Application Deadlines

Internship Eligibility

  • Must be a US Citizen
  • Must be enrolled as a student in a college level or above degree or certificate program
  • Ability to contribute 10 hours of participation in internship projects per week between September and May with an option to continue through summer if desired
  • You may apply if you graduate in December or January, but will need to finish the internship through its full course in May
  • Will be required to submit a statement of interest, a resume and documentation of student status
  • Students should be self-driven, reliable and capable of some self guidance

Application Deadlines

Applications for this internship are accepted between July 1 and July 31. Acceptance emails are sent in August.

Application Steps

Application Steps

Below, we will outline eligibility requirements and walk you through the steps of the application process. Be aware that because the internship application takes place through an intermediary party, you may see several organizations included in the process. Let’s begin by defining the organizations participating:

VSFS: Virtual Student Federal Service. VSFS is the organization that partners virtual  government internships to students. They are the ones who monitor and set application guidelines and time frames.

VA: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This is the government agency that our internship is through.

DME: Digital Media Engagement Team. This is us! We function under the VA and get our interns through VSFS using their guidelines.  When you go to apply through VSFS’ steps, you will be presented with other internship options as well, but you can only choose three.  So pick three different positions with us! We really want to work with you and over the years we’ve built a large, dynamic team with tons of opportunities to help you grow while serving Veterans.

Application Process

Application Process

To apply to the DME Team’s Internship Program, an applicant must complete the VSFS Internship’s online application process outlined below AND choose at least 1 internship offered by the DME Team as part of their top 3 preferred projects. At the bottom of this page you will find links to the descriptions of each internship offered by DME.

  1. Profile: VSFS uses USAJobs for its application process because all government jobs are posted here.  Using USAJobs therefore gives you a leg-up on the work you would do to find a government job. If you do not currently have a USAJobs profile, steps for creating a profile are found here:
  2. Resume: Build your resume on USAJobs. There are options to build a resume and/or submit a resume; for this application, you must use the “build resume” tool available on USAJobs.
  3. Student Status: Upload your proof of student status to your USAJobs profile.  Most likely, this will be a transcript, but both official and unofficial transcripts are fine.
  4. Find VSFS on Applications for the DME internship program are found by searching for VSFS.
  5. Apply to VSFS: Once you see the VSFS position link, click “Apply” to start the application process! Attach your resume and proof of student status, then continue to the US Department of State portal, where they will ask you to verify some personal information.
  6. Apply to DME: Finally! You can choose up to three internships to apply to. Please note that you will be able to apply to three internships, but DME is not the only government internship available. As you scroll through the list, you will see internships from other organizations as well. That said, we really want you and would love for you to apply to a few of our internships to maximize the likelihood we get to meet you! At the bottom of this page, you will find a list of all the internships we offer through VSFS along with their codes so you can easily use two or three of your picks for DME. You may be offered more than one position, but in the end you will need to choose your single top choice if accepted.
  7. Confirmation: Answer the final questions, including your statement of interest, after selecting your three internships and receive confirmation that your application has been completed.

If additional assistance is needed, step-by-step application instructions and images to guide you through this process are found here.

More Questions

More Questions?

Look over the rest of the VA DME website here.  Learn about the Big Picture at Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) website.

Review important information about USAJobs here.

Look for some of the content we put out for the VA: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | VAntage Point Blog | Borne the Battle Podcast

Follow our DME-internship related social media here for updates on applications and information about what we’re doing: Facebook | Twitter LinkedIn | Instagram

Finally, you can email with additional questions.  Please allow 48 hours for a response.

Thank you for your interest in applying to intern with the DME Team.  Application season is open from July 1 to July 31, with acceptance emails arriving during August. Students can apply to up to 3 projects from all VSFS Program offerings. Sign Up To Learn More!