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What Will I Learn?

  • Students will learn how to effectively work as a member of any team in the VA's DME Internship Program.

Topics for this course

20 Lessons1h 20m

Overview of the DME Team?

Who is the Veterans Affairs (VA) Digital Media Engagement (DME) Team? What do we do?
Check for Understanding: DME Overview

Working with Your Team?

An overview of the tools we use and how to communicate effectively as a DME intern.

Organizational Structure?

The DME Team will consist of Department Head(s), Executive Leadership Team member (ELT) and Division Offier (if applicable).

Departmental Resources?

Links and resources for interns

Weekly Reports?

Expectations for weekly reports, a requirement for each intern.

Intern Policies?

Overview of the policy and rules for all interns.

Getting Involved?

Get involved! This section explains some of the weekly events hosted in Slack.

General Bootcamp Course Completion?

Complete this quiz to complete bootcamp

Student Feedback


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I appreciate the condensation of information. It was informative and the quiz was helpful with information retention. The navigation, as others have said, could use improvements.

Very well organized by topic. Quizzes are a good feature to make sure you pay attention to all the information presented. There was a video that Dom did over how to use Slack on the website under Links For New Interns and DME Boot Camp but that page may have moved. This was quite helpful though perhaps a bit long at 20 minutes. I would reiterate what the last two reviewers before me said. For improvement as perhaps others have said before me, it's worth considering adding the Complete Lesson button to the bottom of the page and on the other hand adding a previous / next page buttons to the top for easier navigation.
Overall, a quality, informational and surprisingly sophisticated learning system (or Wordpress plug-in, I'm not sure)!

Very comprehensive overview of the program! Makes me feel much more comfortable getting started.

Nice work! Really nice work! LD


Material Includes

  • Intern On-Boarding Packet


  • Please complete the course that is relative to your position.

Target Audience

  • All incoming interns of the VA's DME Internship Program