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A List of Social Media Links

Social Media Outlets Where DME Intern Work Is Found

Facebook – USDVA
Facebook – Interns

Instagram – Interns

Reddit – Veteran News
Reddit – Veteran News Voting
Reddit – Register
Reddit – Youtube Video: How To Vote On Reddit

Twitter – Interns

Linkedin – Interns

Accessibility Links

 Department Head- Olivia Chioffi

Many US Veterans come home with disabilities. Among these individuals, individuals with sight or hearing disabilities require special software to access the web and digital media content. Accessibility interns do the hard and careful work of ensuring that those disabled Veterans have the same opportunity to learn about benefits and services that VA provides as everyone else, in accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Their work ensures that the content on the Department of Veterans Affairs website and other VA communication platforms is formatted in a way that it is accessible to Veterans with disabilities.


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Creating Accessible Word Documents

Accessibility Checking for Word Documents

Analytics Dept Links

Department Head- Kaitlyn Sao

The Analytics Department Team is responsible for analyzing the metrics on the Veterans Affairs online social media channels.


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Social Media

General questions from social media-


Hashtag labels for social media-



How to use the Performance section on Social Studio-

Analytics Web Links

Department Head- Ivan Shires

  The Analytics Web Team is responsible for analyzing the metrics on the Veterans Affairs online social media channels.


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Free online courses offered at Analytics Academy-


Editing Links

Department Heads- Claire Pei and Elissa Tatum

The Editing Team is responsible for editing written material such as Veteran of the Day (VOD) blogs, Social Media posts, the Vet Resources Newsletter, Special Projects and other miscellaneous content.

Vet Resources Division Officers- Sarah Kowalewski and Lauren Dahler

Starting in 2020, the Vet Resources Newsletter will be a division of the Editing Department that is run by the Vet Resources Division Officers. All Vet Resources participants (including the Newsletter Development interns) will be supervised by these DOs.


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Editing Department Resources 

Facebook Links

Department Head- Ashley Oliver

The Facebook Team is responsible for finding information that would be of interest to the 1.2 million individuals who have liked the VA Facebook page. The Facebook Team will also monitor comments on the VA Facebook page. 


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Social Media

How to find a link directly to a Facebook comment-

Hashtag labels for social media-

Graphic Design Dept Links

Department Head: Emma Catlett & Co-DH Sarah Kowalewski

The Graphic Design Team is in charge of planning, designing, developing, modifying, and completing visual information projects for web-based visual media products.


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Training and Resources

Color Key For DME Logo, To Inform Social Media and Website Graphics Colors

Tier 1 Graphics Standards Guide-

Google Drive for Graphic Design documents and resources-

Photoshop CC 2019 Essential Training-

Role of Graphic Design Interns on Instagram-

PiXimperfect learning video for Photoshop and Lightroom-


Human Resources Links
Department Head- Erin Schoemann

The Human Resources Team helps to onboard new interns, develop procedures and policies for the internship program, answer intern questions about job interview processes, and compiles Linkedin profiles of interns.


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Master List of Interns, Departments

Training and Videos 

Onboarding Packet-

Hiring Profile Document-

Recruiting List-

Turnover information-

Utilizing Trello Turnover Board-

Weekly Report Sheet-

How to do outreach-

How To Import or Delete Website / Intranet Users: 

Must Be Granted Special HR Admin Account Permissions.  Video Walk Through Available By Appt. with







Instagram Links

Department Head- Ashley Oliver 

 The Instagram Team is responsible for finding content that is of interest to Veterans. The Instagram Team also monitors comments on Instagram posts. 



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How to move content off Trello-

Style Guides

Hashtag labels for social media-

AP style guide for writing dates-


Photo Finders Links

Department Head- Nancy Berg and Co-Department Head Dominique Shepherd

The Photo Finders Team is responsible for searching the Internet, federal agencies, and VA social media channels for high quality, copyright free images and create a repository of photos for use by fellow DME interns and other VA content creators.


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Podcast Links

Department Head- Mary Adams

Intern Podcast Department Head- Johnathan Langberg

Podcast Interns directly supports the host and producer of the Borne the Battle Podcast. The Borne the Battle Podcast aims to promote Veteran advocacy, inspire Veterans, keep Veterans updated with new VA information, promote Veteran advocacy, and educate VA employees about the Veteran population.


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Departmental Resources

BTB Podcast Outreach Intern

Podcast Newsletter Writing Guide

Podcast Blog Writing Guide

Podcast Social Media Writing Guide

Researchers Links
Department Head- Abby Sonnier

The Researchers Team is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and appropriateness of information disseminated in the VA’s Social Media platforms and on the VAntage Point blog. 


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Training and Videos

Onboarding document for research interns-

Special Projects Links

Department Heads- Isabel Nulter and Calvin Wong

The Special Projects team is responsible for working on writing assignments for Operation Song and A Veteran’s Story. All Special Projects interns are home-based in another department but have the opportunity to join Special Projects based on performance and other factors. 

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Special Projects Department Resources 

Twitter Links
Department Head- Ashley Oliver


The Twitter Team is responsible for finding content consisting of current events and items of interest to Veterans for the Veterans Affairs Twitter feed. 


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Web Content Links

Department Head-  Yasmeen Natzle 


WP Beginner Video #1 > / You can ignore discussion of domain purchase or paid hosting services as these bridges have already been crossed.

WP Beginner Video #2 >

Intermediate Video / Really Good End to End WP Tutorial 

A little dated but well done >

Learn More About Advanced WordPress Topics.

WordPress Development Video Tutorial >

WordPress Developer Cheat Sheet >

See Also:  Web Development Trello Board For More Self Teaching Resources


Web Development Links
Department Head- Dylan Stetts

The Web Development Team is in charge of developing and managing any website features, or pages that aid the DME Internship Teams.  


Department Page

2019-2020 Web Team Report:  General History, Challenges, Accomplishments

Web Development Trello-

Web Development Intranet Discussion

The Difference Between Web Designers and Web Developers

How To Edit A Web Page If You Are Author or Editor

How To Edit You Own Web Page

Examples of Best in Class Government Blogs

Skills for Fostering a Successful Tech Career

[15 Qualities] Of Best Web Designers or Developers

20 Advanced WordPress Topics for Self Teaching:

Child Theme-

See Also:  Web Development Trello Board For More Self Teaching Resources




Writing Links
Department Heads- Jewel Luckow and Sarah Concepcion

The Writing Team focuses on writing Veteran of the Day (VOD) posts for the VAntage Point blog. Writing interns also have the option to work on other miscellaneous assignments such as Reddit, the Vet Resources Newsletter, Social Media, and Special Projects.


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Writing Department Resources