The DME (Digital Media Engagement) Interns Newsletter was formed in the Fall of 2020 to serve the many departments of the internship. The newsletter currently provides announcements, spotlights interns work, answers leadership questions, and hopes to expand its offerings in the upcoming months.

In the fall of 2020, Sarah Kowalewski, part of the graphics department’s executive leadership team (ELT), was approached by Dominique Ramirez about creating a weekly intern newsletter. “He wanted to ensure that important announcements are received by interns in case they missed it on Slack,” she explained. This inspired Sarah and Lauren Dahler, the Veteran resources division officer (DO), to create the DME Intern Newsletter.

Because it is still relatively new, the team consists of four people who oversee the design, writing and distribution each week. Sarah said that the team will remain small for the time being, but they hope to encourage more interns to join in the fall.

One of the main functions of the newsletter is to keep track of important announcements made throughout each week in the different departments. “We use a weekly Q/A form that can be filled out to address concerns/questions an intern may have about the internship, their role, professional guidance/advice, etc. that leadership could address,” Sarah stated. “The newsletter also has a Helpful Advice section, which highlights the best of the #daily-tips channel in Slack. Additionally, it contains sections that have department specific announcements and Leadership Q/A.”

Sarah noted that the feedback about the intern newsletter has been incredibly positive: “I believe it helps everyone keep track of important announcements that they have missed. Since we’re always very active in Slack, it’s easy to miss something.” This response has also encouraged Sarah and Lauren to consider developing more newsletters in the future about other facets of internship work.

Sarah and Lauren encourage potential interns to join the newsletter department in the fall of 2021. “If you love working with newsletter formatting and writing, this is a great team to be a part of! You get to learn a lot about different aspects of the departments.”

Writer: Sarah Concepcion

Editors: Julia Pack and Alli P

Graphic Designer: Katie Rahill