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VA DME Internship: Best Part and Hardest Part

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      Lonn Dugan


      Finish the Sentences:

      The best part of the VA DME Internship is: _______________

      The hardest part of the VA DME Internship is: ______________

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      Former Intern

      The best part of the VA DME Internship is: having the flexible work schedule. I can work on my internship in the evenings & weekends if needed.

      The hardest part of the VA DME Internship is: having different work hours. If I have a question, I may not get an answer or resolution for a couple of days.

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      Yasmeen Natzle

      The best part is being able to work on challenging projects with a flexible schedule.
      The worst part is so many ways to communicate. I hate it and it makes me crazy checking email, slack, trello, and the intranet and discussions.

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      Dana Solomon

      The best part of the VA DME Internship is: I really like being involved in an effort to help raise awareness of issues that veterans are facing. I also like the flexibility and ability to make my contributions on a schedule that fits into my school obligations.

      The hardest part of the VA DME Internship is: Communication. I have found it difficult to get my questions answered quickly, if at all. I also find it hard to keep up with all of the different communication channels and all of the different websites – it would be nice if everything was in one place.

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      Chris Hubbard

      The best part of the VA DME Internship is there are a variety of tasks that can be worked on with new ones popping up every so often.

      The worst part is that it’s not the easiest thing to try and find certain bits of information, especially changes for a task or new tasks, if they’re missed. After a certain number of past messages on slack, the rest are locked by slack’s limits, and sometimes this is crucial info I might want to reference or need a quick refresher on. If there was a central document with this information including recent changes to how particular tasks should be done that would be incredibly helpful (it’s too easy sometimes to miss a crucial change that has been announced on slack). Also, some of the tasks I really enjoyed there isn’t much of a supply for: the calendar quickly becomes full. For other tasks, it’s hard to know how to get in on certain projects.

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      Teh Lei Liu

      The best part of this internship is that it is intended to be very flexible as opposed to a more traditional in-house internship. Many of us are located across the nation and the world which makes it so exciting to communicate with one another and be a part of the global community effort assisting Veteran Affairs and our veterans. DME Internship is unlike any other remote internship I’ve seen since its mainly run by virtual interns with Dom overseeing everything. Even with such a massive group, I like how we’re still able to work together and make it run with the help of ELTs and all the othe alphabet acronyms on the org chart. I especially like how we band together on Trello to come up with exciting activities despite our isolation.

      The hardest part about this internship is the remoteness. It is difficult to really have face to face interactions since so many of us are located far apart and those in the department can sometime be even farther. I am a hands-on person and sometimes I don’t really understand something that is being conveyed through writing. As an HR intern myself, I find it difficult to grasp certain tasks as compared to VOD and Accessibility since everything is routine. Aside from migrating to the intranet, we have limitations on Slack since our versions do not guarantee us complete access of post history. I hope this can be mediated in some way. Cheers!

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