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    • Lino Aguilar posted a new activity comment 5 months, 3 weeks ago

      I was pulled in by the Cognito websit ( I like the contrast that lets you see clearly the options at the top to navigate as well as in the middle of the screen. I definitely appreciate a more spacious and less clutter feel as opposed to the intranet (which is actually getting better about the clutter). I think the intranet…Read More

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      • Lino: I appreciate your comments. Cognito is very current and even trendy with its design. When I came on board, I wanted to respect the work done last year by not stomping all over it. I went for some baby steps toward change with page top graphics for the Boot Camp. But I would like to present an edgier look that makes people feel at ease,…Read More

    • Lino Aguilar posted a new activity comment 6 months ago

      In your opinion, how does the work of a Web Development intern on the site impact Veterans?
      In my personal opinion, the work of a Web Development intern on the dmeinterns site brings visibility and a user-friendly interface/tools for interns to be able to navigate and ultimately contribute to the bigger picture! Whether it is a fact…Read More

    • @lonndugangmail-com I still cannot edit profiles anymore, I tried again and got the same error, so to stay productive I am continuing to add to my excel list of users and their bio and email/picture so that when I am able to again, I can populate the profiles and intranet!

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      • Lino: i am sorry to ask, yet again, but, can you try again and post an update? There was a lot going on with moving the site and the problem may be corrected. Let me know.

    • Hey fellow web devs! Slow start for us so far as far as activity and profile completions but I am sure we’ll pick up traction and start doing great things together 🙂 I’m excited to meet and work with you all nonetheless.

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