New Intern Boot Camp

Basic Training Starts Here!

New Interns Should Complete Boot Camp Orientation before proceeding to join their teams on the Slack communication channels or Trello Project Management boards used by working teams. 

We will share more about our team communication and project management tools on Slack and Trello later….  For now please “fall in” and “march” in orderly fashion following the yellow lines… (lol)

The boot camp for new interns includes helpful videos, useful documents, organization structure, chain of command charts, department lists, and more. 

It shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes to get through the material presented on these boot camp pages.  Doing this will eliminate the need for a lot of repetitive questions and save a lot of you from a lot of headaches and confusion so that you can hit the ground running  once you join your team. 

For now, you know what to do  😉