Writing Announcements

Here are announcements for the Writing Department:


Detailed Information for Potential/Current Writers

  • Purpose: The purpose of the Writing Department is to produce written products for Veteran of the Day and other special projects such as Operation Song, Veteran Stories, and other miscellaneous writing projects as needed.
  • Expectations: The expectation is for writers to complete the cards they initiate every week, with the exception of special projects. The writers who work only on VODs have the expectation of writing up as many VODs as they can complete in their 10 weekly hours, usually 4-5 per week on average. Writers are expected to work closely with members of other departments
  • Sources for Material: Writers can claim cards on Trello and Slack, from the Library of Congress Veterans History Project site, or the Potential Veterans History Project Subjects on a shared Google Sheet that is pinned in the #writing channel.
  • Limitations: Interns are limited first and foremost by the material they can use for a card, or lack thereof. A post cannot be made about a veteran if there isn’t sufficient information about their service and if there are not enough photos (videos cannot replace photos unless for specific projects). Approvers have been recruited to vet the veteran for information and writers cannot start until a card has been approved by an Approver. Writers also work collaboratively with other departments and are limited by their own timely and quality work and that of other members of the card. If they see low performance in their team members, they should notify their PMs. Conversely, other team members reserve the right to note a writer’s poor performance to their PMs. Writers should not accept more work than they can reasonably complete in a 10-hour workweek. This is usually 4-5 VODs per week on average. Other special projects will have other specific parameters. This internship is conducted virtually and almost exclusively through text and not voice, so all interns here must practice communication etiquette more carefully than traditional settings because text lacks context clues.
  • Rules: Writers can make a card, but should wait to write up a VOD until an Approver has approved the card. They should then stick to the template for VOD that is pinned in the #writing channel and follow APA guidelines. There are templates for other projects that interns should follow and can be found pinned in the appropriate channels. If interns have any questions or doubts, they are encouraged to consult their PM. One important tenet of a writer is to work with their PMs and interns from other departments. This means accepting feedback professionally and incorporating that into their work.